Welcome Educators!

It is always a pleasure working alongside talented and inspired educators eager to empower students through education!

CAGT Participants: To view resources, please click on the breakout session. If you'd like to share your thinking, ask questions, or post a comment, click the DISCUSSION tab, and type your name in the SUBJECT line.
CWP Participants: I created a Writing Resources for Teachers link to share my creations with you. Please feel free to modify and adjust them as you apply your creative spirit to your own Writing Workshop. Also refer to CWP-Summer.wikispaces.com for additional CWP resources.

I look forward to continuing the dialogue, imagining the possibilities, and advocating for our children who deserve our very best!

With love and encouragement,
Jennifer Arzberger

This wiki is dedicated to all of the brilliant children across the globe and the teachers who dedicate their lives to inspiring, motivating, and cultivating every individual child's brilliance!

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